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Food Safety and Dynavyte Microbiome Support.

The recent Salmonella scare resulting in an egg recall in Australia highlights the importance of minimising the potential for contamination of animal products in the food chain.

The presence of Salmonella in the gastrointestinal tract and the manure of chickens is the most probable source for Salmonella food poisoning in people.

Bacillus subtilis natto has been shown in research to inhibit Salmonella. Dynavyte MBS contains Bacillus subtilis natto at a minimum concentration of 100 000 000 per litre.

Dynavyte MBS may have the potential to reduce the Salmonella present in the intestinal contents and the manure of chickens and other animals.
A reduction in Salmonella populations colonising the gut should have implications for food products and the environment.

Dynavyte Poultry is set to be released later this year.

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