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Working Dog MicroBiome Support doses.

At Dynavyte we are increasingly being asked for further guidelines as to the administration of Working Dog MicroBiome Support

Why dose Dynavyte MicroBiome Support every day?
Bacillus subtilis natto has been recovered in the manure after three days with a single oral dose. Therefore, daily dosing is recommended to maintain the benefits of balance, synergy, sustainable wellness and animal welfare from Dynavyte MicroBiome Support.

What if I miss a day?
Don’t panic. Continue giving the normal daily dose.

What is a stress dose of MicroBiome Support?
Team Dynavyte is gathering evidence to confirm the pilot studies that are being conducted around Australia and New Zealand.

A single larger dose of MicroBiome Support appears to be more effective than dosing multiple times per day. This dosing regimen allows for easier use of Dynavyte MicroBiome Support at once each day.

Team Dynavyte’s advice is to use a large stress dose once daily.
The following stress doses are now recommended:
Small dogs up to 10 kg – 15 ml
Medium dogs up to 20 kg – 30 ml
Medium dogs between 20 to 30 kg 40 ml
Large dogs 30 kg plus 50 to 60 ml

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