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Rooftop Express Arena Spectacular Powered by Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS)

For two years now Dynavyte has sponsored Dave Manchon and his performing animals

Dave Manchon is a gifted horseman who has a flare for entertaining and talking horses. His exciting brand of horsemanship has allowed him to train animals for Australian television and films such as “Shadows of the Past”.

Dave is no stranger to the spotlight himself, having played the lead role of “Jim” in the “Australian Outback Spectacular Show" on the Gold Coast, before launching the touring “Rooftop Express Wild West Show” in 2013.

He may have grown up in the city, but Dave Manchon is no stranger to life on the land. The land is the inspiration for his teams' arena spectacular that wows audiences at Agricultural Shows and Major Events around Australia.

Rooftop Express Arena Spectacular:

It took two years to train the stock horses and other animals involved in the Rooftop Express Wild West Show. The show is continually evolving, with each performance tailored to the changing regional audiences.

"The team is always excited to showcase what's possible with our animals, with our Australian stock horses and our cattle and our working dogs," Dave says.

"We're lucky enough to have a fairly strong team to be able to show people what's possible with these horses.”

For Dave, the most important aspect of his job is building a connection with the animals he works with and it's "humbling" to have that honour.

"It's important because we ask a lot of them, but we also treat them like kings because they give so much of themselves to us, and they've really earned their place in the world.” Dave says of the show's animal stars.

Flex Horse Training:

When they're not touring, Dave can be found training horses from his home with veterinarian wife Jane, at Trinity Ranch, New England Highway, in Tamworth NSW.

It's a lifestyle Dave says he's privileged to lead, working with some of the nation's premier stock horses.

Dave is always striving to improve his way with horses and looks up to many trainers in his industry.

We hear from Dave:

When did you start riding? I always rode when I was a kid … but more like Ned Kelly than with any real style.

Who was your first horse? A fat pony called “Muppett" who belonged to the Cleary family.

Dave's favourite Dynavyte product: MicroBiome Support and MBS.

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