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Shepherd, Kate, and her Dogs join our team.

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We hear from Kate:

Its my absolute privilege to have a team of 9 working dogs. 4 Hunterways and 5 Heading dogs. These are a mixture of dogs and bitches, ages ranging from 18months through to 9 years old.

Working dog health is something I am very passionate about. I was always told if I was to own any animals, that they were to be kept to the best of my ability. I pride myself on how I look after and care for my dogs. My dogs do a lot for me, all year around. I wouldn't be employed if it wasn't for them. At the end of the day, these dogs are my best mates, and I would do anything for them.

Things I do to look after my dogs are just the basics done well. Great nutrition, warm and dry kennels, daily exercise and supplements where needed.

I have been using Dynavyte for some time now, on two Huntaways,( pictured, Rita left, Tilly right) both at different ends of the scale. Rita - 3yo, who is of a bigger build and Tilly - 18months, who is of a leaner frame. These two bitches over the last few weeks have really been catching my eye when they are out working, compared to the other dogs who are not on Dynavyte yet.

Rita, who normally holds a bit more weight has a different shape about her, more athletic and is starting to tone up really nicely. Tilly is a very energetic girl who uses a lot of energy throughout the day. I am seeing improvements in Tillys alertness when working. Both dogs look so full and thick in their coats. At least once a week a farmer will ask what I am feeding the two dogs because they are so shiny.

I really like Dynavyte because you are feeding something really great for the dogs on the inside. Just knowing that when I feed this supplement, its working its magic, makes me happy. I am really wrapt with the results I have seen so far, it makes me really excited to get the rest of the team on board and have them all feeling great too.

One neat thing about social media/instagram is that you can share personal experiences and also learn from others. Something I am really passionate about, is talking about working dog health based on what I do for my hard working team.

I talk a lot about ways to help make the dogs life a bit easier just by simple things. A big thing that I talk a bit about and get a lot of interaction, is about is keeping dogs happy over the colder months. Things from kennels, bedding, coats, to nutrition and supplements. I really get such a buzz out of people sending me messages asking my recommendation on things or where they can buy supplements from. It really makes me happy because they have taken the time out of their day to message me because they want to take better care of their working dogs.

For me, that is the most important thing, that I am using social media to get people thinking about there dogs health. When I first started talking/showing how I kept my working dogs on social media, their wasn't a lot of interest, but over the last two years, there has really been a massive shift in farmers attitudes to how they look after there dogs.

I now get asked daily about how people can better the working dog health. I currently have a little over 2700 followers on Instagram( @adiaryofacountrylass), all like minded Farming people. Such a neat, positive bunch of people who all want the best for their animals.

I am so passionate about working dog health. I work with dogs every day and first hand get to experience the results. My goal with my dogs, is not only to give them every opportunity to be the healthiest they can be during their working lives, but too look after them now, in a way that I know, when they get older, they will be comfortable.

Favourite Dynavyte Product:

Working Dog MBS.

I really appreciate the product you make.

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