Dynavyte New Zealand - Equine - Why do horses need MicroBiome Support?

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There is not a horse that doesn’t need MicroBiome Support. Even on a good diet, if the feed and nutrients being provided to the horse are not being absorbed properly, the horse’s system is effectively being starved.

There are many functions that an animal cannot perform on it’s own, and one of them is digestion. Since the beginning of time when animals co-evolved with bacteria, there has been a dependence on the gut bacterial community not just to remain healthy, but to survive at all.

Without a healthy gut microbiome it is impossible for a horse to perform to its full capabilities. MicroBiome Support addresses this, opening the pathway for greater absorption of everything fed to a horse, whether it be pasture, pre-mixed feeds, vitamins, minerals or other supplements.

Do I feed vitamins, minerals or other supplements with MicroBiome Support? The decision to feed additional supplements along with MicroBiome Support is yours to make.

Primarily MicroBiome Support is not a vitamin or mineral supplement; it is a catalyser to prepare the gut for greater absorption of everything fed to the horse, including extra vitamins and minerals where deemed necessary.

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