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We hear from Robyn Edgar, a Dynavyte sponsored rider

My Name is Robyn Edgar. I have been training and showing Western Performance horses for many years.

I am based at The Caves just outside of Rockhampton Qld.

I compete in both English and Western Events, I'm usually on the road at a show every weekend.

I have competed for Australia a few times and been lucky enough to bring home a few Gold medals

Favourite horses:

I have been very blessed to have owned and trained so many lovely horses
Just to mention a few as there have been so many wonderful horses

Winderadeen A Shady Past. Who was definately one of my favourites. He has many State and National titles. I bought him out of retirement this year for the Trans Tasman Event and he was in Team NZ and he won medals in all of his events

Winderadeen Somelillies. He won so many state and National titles far to many to mention. However he did win my my most memorable event and that was the two year old Hunter Under Saddle at Nationals

QXH Unforgettable (pictured). He has a few State titles to his name as well. No National titles yet, due to me breaking my ankle and not being able to compete. He is only young and has a huge career in front of him. He too was in the Trans Tasman event, he was in team Australia and also bought home many medals. I'm so proud of both horses I loaned for the Trans Tasman Event

Favourite Dynavyte product:

I feel very privileged to be part of team Dynavyte.
My horses always look their best on Dynavyte Microbiome Support.
They shine from the inside out.
All of my horses are on it. They are just so easy to train and don't stress.

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