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Time for Impulso

What is Dynavyte Impulso trying to achieve?

Summer is approaching and here at Dynavyte we thought it timely to remind our loyal followers of the importance of electrolyte and vitamin replacement after exercise and travel.

Giving Dynavyte Impulso after exercise may minimise the oxidative damage that occurs with exercising performance horses.

The natural Vitamin E in Dynavyte Impulso is highly available and after exercise is the best time to give half of the paste.

With intense exercise or in hot and humid conditions a further dose may be given 20 to 40 minutes after the first dose.

Always ensure that adequate clean water is available after exercise.

Vitamin E has important health benefits for the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles, and has a role in immunity.

Dynavyte Impulso may be beneficial for the stresses that occur from travelling, especially in the summertime or under hot and humid conditions.

Beware of products with excessive Vitamin E. Too much supplementation may result in prolonged bleeding times that may have implications for EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage – bleeding from the lungs after exercise) and bleeding from injuries.

Excess Vitamin E may also change the metabolism of various drugs and vitamins, especially Vitamin A.

Deficiencies of Vitamin E are common when horses have little to no access to fresh green feed. Dry forage has very little to no Vitamin E left after processing.

Dynavyte Impulso is also designed to supply the other minerals and vitamins required for recovery after exercise and performance.

The following link explains in detail the Vitamin E testing conducted at UCDavis in California USA:


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