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Healthy from the Inside!

Dynavyte MicroBiome Support is a brewed product. Molasses and water are blended with fermented humates and kelp in a controlled environment.

Our factory is standards accredited and run by agri-scientists passionate about nature and its gifts. Each of the ingredients in MicroBiome Support has been carefully sourced and brewed to harness beneficial organic phytochemicals and enzymes.

MicroBiome Support is fully bio-available, which means it is easily taken up by the gut into the body, providing your horse not only with a source of beneficial microbes, but also with a pre biotic to feed these microbes. Put simply, the brewed MBS is easy for the horse to digest allowing it to quickly do its magic and improve gut health, and subsequently overall health.

MicroBiome Support also helps your horse cope better with environmental pollutants, poorer pasture, and any other stressors such as drought, travel, increased workload, pregnancy, injury or sickness. MBS has also been observed to keep horses “on” their feed and water, no matter the changing circumstances.

The amazing coats, the weight gains, the extra top line that characterises a Dynavyte horse, is not just as a result of what is in MicroBiome Support … it is also a result of what MBS does.

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