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Meet Dynavyte Dressage Master, Jacqui Winspear, a trans Tasman Wonder

I have been riding since I was a small girl and have been involved in many disciplines from Showmanship in hand classes to Western, Barrel Racing and Eventing to 3* level.

I was just so competitive and I always wanted to be the best. Most girls stop riding in their teenage years when boys come along, but I was never interested in boys or running round the mall doing teenage stuff.

I think my parents probably encouraged me to keep riding because it was a safe way to get me to adulthood without encountering undesirable activities.

Dressage Journey:

I took up dressage when at 20, they found I had detached retinas and I was told to stop riding. My compromise was to stop jumping fences at speed to reduce the probability of falling and hitting my head which could instantly leave me blind.

That was not going to stop me so I started dressage with my eventing mare who was an Appaloosa and took her to FEI level. And then I took two other Appaloosas to Grand Prix Level, one of which was the first Appaloosa, 'I’m Sundays Silhouette'( pictured left), to ever compete in the Pacific League World Cup Final at Werribee in 2003. 'I’m Sundays Silhouette' was long listed for the Athens Olympics.

Favourite Horses:

When 'I'm Sundays Silhouette' had to be sold there was quite a gap until I found a horse good enough to be a top Grand Prix (GP) horse. And now I have two; one just a green GP mare with the most fantastic temperament by Don Frederico and a gorgeous Lessing Gelding just starting Medium Tour

Leo, (featured in the photographs) who is an active sensitive lad that never runs out of energy.

These two horses live here in Australia in Freemans Reach and I live in NZ. So to ride and compete I am a commuter, spending two weeks in each country, which makes continuous training a bit of a challenge and shows my huge dedication to where I want to go!

With so much time on an aeroplane it is a complicated life. I definitely need a very good diary and the associated expenses keep me right on the breadline.

Her work to ride:

I work using the internet with the accounting programme Xero setting people up and training them to use the product as well as completing the accounts for some clients. Having such a portable job is number one for me to be able to even attempt what I am doing.

I am also an A level dressage judge, Mentor, Young horse and Para equestrian judge in Australia; and List 1 Dressage and Para equestrian judge in NZ.

I am often seen riding and then judging which I really enjoy and hope to get my FEI judges ticket in the future for when I decide to hang up my riding boots. In the mean time I am aiming to represent NZ internationally.

I have a lot of work to do to achieve this, and I have to be as good as my beautiful horses so as to put them in the best light in the competition arena.

Jacqui's favourite Dynavyte products:

MicroBiome Support, Tenderfoot, Prime Osseticol and Luronica.

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