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Dynavyte NZ welcomes Ambassador Luci Askin

At 23 years old Luci Askin is already a full-time horse rider. She hails from Ashburton, South Island NZ. Luci shares her story with us:

Early Days:

"I have been riding horses since before I could walk. My whole family is horsey and have competed in eventing, show jumping and polo.

My very first pony was a 11hh piebald called Pepe who taught all my brothers and sister to ride!"

Current Goals:

Luci is seriously about her show-jumping.

"My plans for the upcoming season is to compete my team of 6 horses. Let me introduce them."

Portofino - World Cup & Grand Prix

Flying Dutchman DHU - Grand Prix

Double J Cyclone - Mini Prix

Cascade - Mini Prix

Federer NZPH - 6YO classes

Gatsby NZPH - 5YO classes

"I’m very excited for the upcoming season with such a competitive team of horses."

Outside of Competition:

"Alongside the competition team I take on some client horses and take lessons throughout the year.

I also help my mum with her young horse breeding program."


"My focus and advice fit in together and that is to be disciplined. Attention to detail and not cutting corners towards horse management is of key importance."

Favourite Dynavyte Product:

My favourite product in the Dynavyte range is the Microbiome Support. Horse health and well being is very important in our stable and feeding this great product ensures us that our horses digestive systems are be well supported.

I also feed my team of horses Luronica throughout the season which contains Hyaluronic acid for joint health.

An essential in my show travelling kit I make sure I include Tenderfoot tubes.

There are several new products that I am looking forward to using.

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