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Drought feeding and Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS).

Adequate nutrition is the key to feeding your horses in a drought. Quality of feed influences the amount of feed that needs to be given to your horse.

Don’t forget water is of paramount importance. Not just quantity but quality. Water quality decreases with lower water levels exposed to the outside environment especially paddock dams.

Any change in feed and/or water source will produce a change in the gut microbiota. Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ (at the new level of 100 000 000 per litre in Dynavyte MBS) may prevent any adverse microbial changes in the gut.

Specifically the Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ that is present in Dynavyte MBS produces enzymes that may assist break down the constituents of the feed no matter what is fed. See further in the Articles section for discussions about the enzymes phytase, protease, lipase and amylase.

The Bacillus in Dynavyte MBS also produces serotonin that may assist with stress as well as other beneficial neuropeptides.

Vitamin K₂ may also be of benefit in growing horses and older horses where the bone tissue is subject to a large metabolic change in feed stress conditions. Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ produces vitamin K₂.

No matter what you feed Dynavyte MBS should be included in the diet to get more out of your feed.

The following link discusses drought feeding for horses in great depth: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/...

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