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Alannah Jackson, new to the Dynavyte Ambassador Stable

28 year old Alannah is a full time rider and also the Senior Riding Development co-ordinator at St Peter’s Equestrian Academy.

She specialises in producing and competing horses for the Show Jumping arena and has recently starting a breaking in/pre-training/sporthorse schooling business “Bella View Breakers with her partner Jay Phillips.

Dynavyte NZ wanted to "pick her brains" a bit as to her success ...

Why Showjumping?

Because I love the technicality of it, the enjoyment of getting a horse to think and react with you over the course of jumps set is really challenging and fun.

Family Involvement?

My family has been a big support to me through every aspect of riding at home and at competitions.

Memorable achievements?

Winning a few 7 year olds on Capbella as well as fifth overall at Young Horse Show. Placing second in her first 1.40m.

Where do you source your horses?

Often by word of mouth or what is advertised on Trade Me or ISpy

Training Methods?

Keep it simple. establishing the correct basics is important to me. Also treating each horse individually and allowing them to go in their own style.

Advice to others?

Be patentor with yourself and your horse. Establish well at each level before moving up. Believe in yourself and enjoy what you do!

What keeps you hooked?

My love for the horses, the trust that’s built in the partnership between my horses and myself is something really special to me.

Favourite Product?

MBS its absolutely amazing at keeping the weight on the horses, keeping their stomachs working properly and not forgetting the beautiful shine it gives them.

Luronica for joints, I’ve used other products before but within fifteen days the horses feel looser and more fluent on 10mLs of this a day. I wouldn’t use anything else!

Welcome aboard Alannah!

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