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"The gut is increasingly being referred to as the second brain as it influences the feel good serotonin and other neurochemical levels in the animal's body."

In a balanced microbiome, a working dog’s brain health is stimulated by the optimum production of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides by beneficial gut microbiota. There are also nerve cells that travel from the intestines to the brain suggesting a significant influence emanating from the gut.

Why is the microbiome important to my working dog’s health?

While microbiota live on virtually every surface of a working dog's body (skin microbiota, respiratory microbiota, etc.), by far the greatest concentration of these invisible creatures is in the gut.

The gut microbiotas (formerly called gut flora) have a primary task to enable the food eaten by your dog to be fully digested and its nutrients to be metabolised. As well, these microbiota keep a dog healthy by nourishing the sensitive cells of it’s gut wall. This wall is only one cell thick, with the working dog’s immune system sitting on the other side.

In summary, microbiota live in a peaceful coexistence with your working dog while looking after its health and welfare.

How does WORKING DOG build a better microbiome, and what does that mean for my working dog?

In the world of gut microbiota, there are both good and bad bacteria.WORKING DOG has been developed to maximise the good gut microbiota which in turn may support the immune system, protect from disease and detoxify the body. The result is a healthy happy working dog!

Why is an unbalanced microbiome bad for my working dog’s health?

The signs of an upset gastrointestinal tract are the results of a disruption to a working dog's microbiome. Microbes play a significant role in acute and chronic gut disturbances in your working dog. Diseases such as diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are a consequence of a disturbed microbiome which is called a dysbiosis.

Such changes in the microbiome of working dogs may be involved in many other diseases such as; oral disease, skin and urinary tract diseases, bacterial infections and may even contribute to Immune-Mediated Brain Disease in working dogs.

Experts are now realising that the evidence is growing for the manipulation of diseases and their conditions in dogs through their diet.

WORKING DOG uniquely contains synbiotics ( prebiotics + probiotics) to introduce into your working dog's diet to keep its microbiome on track.

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