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Why use Purple Magic?

High intensity exercise in horses has been shown to produce oxidative stress.

These oxidative responses of the horse were demonstrated to respond to high levels of antioxidant oral supplementation. Purple Magic is a convenient source of readily available antioxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species are produced with stress and exercise. These unstable chemicals can cause tissue damage and cell death through destruction of cell proteins, DNA and fatty acids. These effects are particularly important in muscle, joint and nervous tissues. Additionally, antioxidants are necessary for the immune system.

The relationship between the usefulness of antioxidants after exercise have been seen with thoroughbred racehorses, harness racing horses, endurance horses and has been reported in equestrian disciplines such as camp drafting. These studies and reports suggest that exercising horses would benefit from using Purple Magic.

Purple Magic may be beneficial before and after exercise and can be administered as a supplement on the feed.

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