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The Gut Microbiota And Laminitis.

The results from MBS Equine are seen to improve the overall health of horses. This is typically reflected in the coat appearance as one trainer stated "having dapples on top of dapples".

The theory behind this particular synbiotic (a prebiotic plus a probiotic) is that gut health is paramount to any animal's health and wellbeing.

There is a complex interaction between the gut and immunity and the neurological system among other body systems that has been scientifically proven.

Specifically, the Bacillus subtilis natto strain that is present in MBS Equine has been shown to be beneficial in many animals. Additionally, the other ingredients of humates and brown sea kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) have benefits for the immune system and detoxification.

Since laminitis may be produced and/or exacerbated by feed-based microbial changes in the GIT the benefits of a healthy gut microbiota are evident.

Studies on the microbiome and particularly on the gut microbiota of the horse are in their infancy and a direct relationship between probiotics and laminitis has not been proven.

However, the plethora of studies in this direction for laminitis prevention and alleviation suggests that there is evidence and sound theoretical reasons behind securing scarce and limited funding for further research.

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