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Purple Magic and Dynavyte Microbiome Support.

A study published in March 2019 has shown that Bacillus subtilis natto enhances enzyme production and increases bioavailability of flavinoids (antioxidants) present in Ginkgo seeds.

Bacillus subtilis natto is present in Dynavyte MBS and Ginkgo extract is present in Dynavyte Purple Magic.

This research also found that the ginkgo acids that produce side effects were reduced. These acids are in very low levels in Ginkgo extract and therefore it may be expected to be minimised even further in the presence of Bacillus subtilis natto.

The Dynavyte Vet’s recommendation is to use Purple Magic in addition to Dynavyte MBS to enhance the effects of the Ginkgo extract in Purple Magic. This combination may be very beneficial for muscle recovery; especially when competing in a number of events over a short period of time.

Reference: Effect of Bacillus natto solid-state fermentation on the functional constituents and properties of Ginkgo seeds. Guo, N. et al

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