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NO copper sulphate in Dynavyte Stop Greasy

There is a misconception that Dynavyte Stop Greasy contains copper sulphate or bluestone as it is commonly called. The colour of Stop Greasy is a result of the colouring agent added to the product.

Bluestone is commonly used on feet for various ailments and on wounds for cutting back the proud flesh or granulation tissue that grows on some wounds. The effectiveness of Stop Greasy with proud flesh is most likely due to the enzymes present in the product.

Top picture 1; shows Denny the racehorse after 2 weeks of bush honey treatment for an injury. Top picture 2; shows Denny's leg after only 4 days of StopGreasy on the same wound. Bottom picture 3; shows Denny's leg-wound after 6 days of treatment with StopGreasy.

Close examination of this wound healing on Denny shows that the new skin tissue is unaffected by the Stop Greasy allowing rapid coverage of the exposed underlying connective tissues.

However, bluestone can be very severe; with daily use preventing this new skin cell growth.

Dynavyte Stop Greasy may be useful for ringworm and fungal skin infections as well as greasy heel, mud fever and coronitis. Dynavyte Stop Greasy also contains Melaleuca oil and bees wax and may be applied directly to the affected area with or without a bandage.

N.B. The active ingredients for all Dynavyte products are clearly displayed on their labels in keeping with APVMA (AUS) and MPI (NZ) requirements.

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