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Magnolia bark extract, a key ingredient in Dynavyte's Tenderfoot

This is the first fact sheet in a series on the traditional uses for the herbs, vitamins and active ingredients used in Dynavyte products

Magnolia bark extract.
Common names: Magnolia Bark, Hu Bak (Korean)

Important role in Asian herbal medicine for over 1000 years treating:
acute pain
muscular pain
sleep-related problems
nervous disorders
allergic diseases
gynaecological disorders
abdominal fullness
thrombotic stroke

Animal studies have proven effects of assisting induce sleep, significantly reduce anxiety (at the same time cortisol levels decrease). Cortisol assists control of blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, reduces inflammation, and assists with brain function. Chronic stress and anxiety lead to overuse of cortisol resulting in depression, digestive problems, headaches and weight gain.

Other animal studies shown to reduce inflammation and increase glucocorticoid levels (assist with reducing effects of asthma and chronic inflammation).

Another scientific publication states that test tube and animal studies found potential effectiveness as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer agent plus use with Alzheimer’s disease, depression, diabetes and menopause.

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