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Hindgut Ulcers

The importance of hindgut ulcers (ulceration of the mucosa or lining of the intestines) should not be under estimated.

A comprehensive study* looking at the entire gastrointestinal tract revealed that in racing, show and performance sport horses there were 63% of animals with hindgut ulcers.

The causes for these ulcers has not been proven, however, it is known that bute and other NSAIDs – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - do cause ulceration in the right dorsal colon.

Other causes for hindgut ulcers are thought to involve hindgut acidosis producing disturbances of the gut microbiota, stress and to a lesser extent parasites (due to the effectiveness of modern worming practises).

Therefore, it is suggested that a more complete approach be used when suspecting hindgut ulcers:

Use a probiotic that enhances the gut microbiota and produces enzymes to promote feed breakdown (Team Dynavyte prefers MicroBiome Support – now with a minimum 1 x 10⁸ spores per litre), and;

Use a preparation that may assist with hindgut ulcers (Team Dynavyte prefers Egusceed)

Please follow the links for more information on MicroBiome Support and Egusceed ( click on the product images below)

Please note: Treatments for stomach ulcers are designed to treat the stomach ulcers only by reducing stomach acid. Team Dynavyte prefers that your horse be scoped and diagnosed for stomach ulcers and treated appropriately, however, hindgut ulcers cannot be seen using the current technology where a gastroscopic examination may view as far as the duodenum (the area of the gut immediately after the stomach).

Additional note:

The study* is:
Results of a large-scale necroscopic study of Equine colonic ulcers by Franklin L Pellegrini

The horses were examined at the abattoir where they cut open the entire intestinal tract and actually looked for the ulcers throughout the GIT. A friend of mine helped with the study that is why I know how it was conducted.

Hindgut acidosis may occur due to undigested hard feed passing through to the hindgut. MBS may help with this digestion and by further promoting the right bacteria to tackle hindgut acidosis.

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