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HA important after surgery

The importance of supplementing HA after surgery is being recognised.

A recent study published in January 2020 highlights the importance of HA (Hyaluronic acid) in injury affected joints in the horse. They investigated knee chips, crushing hock injuries and full thickness cartilage injuries in the stifle.

The researchers showed that injury affected joints after surgery have a sustained decrease in the amount of HA in the joint fluid.

Osteoarthritis or a degeneration of the joints has been shown in many studies to have a sustained decrease of HA. Oral HA supplementation in osteoarthritis cases has shown in double-blind clinical trials to be effective in relieving pain and having patients recover with greater knee strength than prior to treatment.

Another study has shown that 90% of oral HA was absorbed into the body.

HA appears to have its own actions as an intact high molecular weight substance as well as smaller units broken down in the gut positively affecting the natural production of HA by the body itself. HA is an extremely common and beneficial chemical in the body with many functions, not just joints.

Dynavyte Luronica contains a pure high molecular weight HA produced by fermentation. HA produced from rooster comb has foreign proteins in the mixture.

For the science behind the absorption of oral HA please see the previous article: Absorption of Hyaluronic Acid

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