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Does your dog or cat have bad breath?

Step 1.

Consult with your veterinarian and get a dental examination and treatment for the cause of the condition.

Step 2.

Give Dynavyte Pets MBS containing Ascophyllum nodosum (brown seaweed found only in the North Atlantic between the Arctic circle and above the 40 degrees Northern latitude).

Dynavyte sources the A. nodosum from Nova Scotia, Canada, for the higher chemical content extracted using a water based method to preserve these active chemicals.

Research in 2015 found a daily dose of A. nodosum reduced plaque, tartar and gum bleeding in the mouth after a professional dental treatment. The tartar that formed was weaker in structure and easier to remove in follow up treatments.

Also, in 2018 a different group of researchers found Ascophyllum nodosum reduced plaque scores, tartar scores, gum bleeding scores and volatile sulphur compound concentration (a major cause of bad breath). Again this was measured after dental treatment. (References available.)

Dynavyte Pets MBS contains A. nodosum that may have other health benefits for your furry friends plus probiotics.

Illustration: Natural world range of Ascophyllum nodosum ( brown seaweed or kelp) indicated in orange.

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