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Coenzyme Q10 a key ingredient in Dynavyte's More Power

This is the ninth fact sheet in a series on the traditional uses for the herbs, vitamins and active ingredients used in Dynavyte products

Coenzyme Q10.

Helps generate energy in the powerhouses of the cell called the MITOCHONDRIA.

Is an antioxidant and low levels are associated with increases in demands during disease processes.

Reported to be used with heart failure, fertility, skin, headaches, exercise performance, diabetes, cancer, brain and lungs.

Oxidative stress may affect muscle function and performance. Alteration in mitochondrial function can affect exercise. CoQ10 may assist by improving mitochondrial function increasing power during exercise and reducing fatigue, improving exercise performance.

Additionally, CoQ10 has been reported to increase oxygenation and reduce inflammation of the lung tissue. An improvement in exercise performance was seen with lung disease through better oxygenation and heart rate after CoQ10 supplementation.

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