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I have found another very beneficial use for Stop Greasy. A wound was seen that had been treated with antibiotics for a prolonged period of time.

The attending clinician suggested that the horse be euthanased (put down) as the wound was not responding to antibiotics and appeared to be progressive and unstoppable.

After seeing the wound I suggested that they use bush honey and see what would happen. The initial photograph next to this article shows on the left hand side, the horse's leg after 2 weeks of bush honey application by the trainer. However, the wound did not seem to be resolving as quickly as I have seen with other similar wounds.

Someone strenuously attempted to recommend to me a wound ointment that contained bees wax. This is when I thought of Stop Greasy, as it too contains bees wax, and it occurred to me that this wound would be an ideal study situation for me to experiment with Stop Greasys' applications. The wound was granulated over so I was not concerned with the healthy tissue beneath the granulation bed being affected by the Stop Greasy.

The subsequent photograph on the right hand side was taken 4 days after applying the Stop Greasy.

I am sure you will agree that it is an amazing result!

– Photograph 1. On the left, the horse's leg wounds after the application of bush honey for 2 weeks. On the right, the horse's leg after the application of Stop Greasy for 4 days.

– Photograph 2. Furthermore, a photograph was taken 2 days after the last photograph (on day 6 of the Stop Greasy application). More astounding is this progress over the 6 days.

Evidence that Stop Greasy may be of benefit for wounds that have granulated over and are not responding to conventional treatment.


The pictures above show how useful Stop Greasy is for proud flesh and wounds but don’t forget that Stop Greasy is very effective for Greasy Heel/Mud Fever. Use baby oil, Vaseline or paraffin to soften the scabs. Remove the loose scabs but do not pick the scabs off. Apply Stop Greasy as it forms a breathable barrier and contains bees wax and melaleuca oil that appears to have an antibiotic affect.

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